Thursday, June 16, 2011

"The Chase"

The Chase

Story 16
Aired: May 22 - Jun 26, 1965

Episode 1 – The Executioners
Episode 2 – The Death of Time
Episode 3 – The Flight Through Eternity
Episode 4 – Journey Into Terror
Episode 5 – The Death of Doctor Who
Episode 6 – The Planet of Decision
Written by Terry Nation
Directed by Richard Martin


The travelers are forced to flee in the TARDIS when they learn that a group of Daleks equipped with their own time machine are on their trail with orders to exterminate them.

The chase begins on the desert planet Aridius and takes in a number of stopping-off points including the observation gallery of New York's Empire State Building, the 19th Century sailing ship Mary Celeste (the Daleks' appearance causing all the crew and passengers to jump overboard) and a haunted house in a futuristic fun-fair. All the while the TARDIS crew remains only one step ahead of the relentless Daleks. 

Eventually both time machines arrive on the jungle planet Mechanus, where the Daleks try to infiltrate and kill the travelers through the use of a robot doppelganger of the Doctor. The travelers are taken prisoner by the Mechonoids, a group of robots sent some fifty years earlier to prepare landing sites for human colonists who never arrived. While in captivity they meet Steven Taylor, a stranded human astronaut who has been the Mechonoids' prisoner for the past two years.

The Daleks and the Mechonoids engage in a fierce battle which ultimately results in their mutual destruction, and the Doctor's party seizes this opportunity to escape.

Ian and Barbara realize that they can use the Daleks' now-abandoned time machine to return to 20th-century Earth and, once his initial objections have died down, the Doctor helps them to do so. The two friends are delighted to be home, although they quickly realize that they have arrived in 1965, two years after they left, leaving them with the difficulty of explaining their long absence.
Using the Time-Space Visualizer, the Doctor and Vicki watch their two friends return to their time and sadly set off for more adventures.