Monday, June 22, 2015

"The Green Death"

Aired May 19 - June 23, 1973

6 Episodes

Story 69

Written by: Robert Sloman

Directed by: Michael E Briant


Something sinister is happening in the Welsh village of Llanfairfach. One of the miners employed by Global Chemicals has been found dead, his skin glowing bright green. While UNIT is called in to investigate, Jo was already planning a visit after reading about a local environmental research group, led by Professor Clifford Jones, who are protesting the actions of Global Chemicals.

Jo, Cliff and the Doctor discover that the mine is infested with a green slime-like substance and giant ferocious maggots, both of which have been created by the toxic waste manufactured by the company's latest activities. However, the Brigadier's hands are tied as Global's director, Stevens, has convinced the British government that their work will provide cheap renewable energy.

However, Stevens is not truly in charge. Instead, he is working at the direction of the Biomorphic Organizational Systems Supervisor, or BOSS, a sentient super-computer that has integrated human emotions into itself and desires to run the world more efficiently than humanity.

As the maggots begin pupating into giant flying insects, the Doctor discovers that a hybrid fungus of Prof. Jones' invention is capable of destroying them. Still, BOSS plans to seize power by linking itself to every other major computer system across the globe, a plan the Doctor is only able to thwart by using an alien crystal from Metebelis 3 which fully frees Stevens from BOSS' hypnotic control at last. Finally, as BOSS begs his friend for his life, Stevens programs the computer to self-destruct, killing them both. 

In the end, Prof. Jones and Jo have fallen in love, and decide to marry. They tell the Doctor they are going to leave England on an Amazonian expedition. The Doctor gives Jo the Metebelis 3 crystal as a wedding present, then slips quietly away from her engagement party, driving off in to the setting sun alone.

Monday, June 15, 2015

"Planet of the Daleks"

Aired April 7 - May 12, 1973

6 Episodes

Story 68

Written by: Terry Nation

Directed by: David Maloney


After the events of Frontier in Space, the injured Doctor sets the TARDIS in motion and collapses. The ship materializes on the planet Spiridon, and Jo sets out to find aid for the comatose Doctor. Making her way through the hostile jungle, she comes across a group of Thals, who agree to go back to the TARDIS and help the Doctor.

But the Doctor has already recovered, and upon meeting the Thals, learns that they were sent here on a secret mission to destroy a group of Daleks who are on Spiridon to attempt to discover and replicate the native Spiridons' invisibility.

Another Thal ship arrives, with a second group of Thals on board. They were sent after it was discovered that Spiridon is also home to a hidden army of ten thousand Daleks. The Doctor and the Thals discover that, in a cavern below the Dalek base, an army of thousands sit frozen in suspended animation, waiting for the moment to launch a massive offensive.

The Doctor and the Thals hatch a risky plan to detonate a bomb in the cavern, causing one of Spiridon's ice volcanoes to erupt, which will entrap the Dalek army within liquid ice. Successful, the Thals steal the Dalek ship to return home, stranding the remaining Daleks on Spiridon. The Doctor and Jo head back to the TARDIS, and embark on their next adventure.

Monday, June 8, 2015

"Frontier in Space"

Aired Feb. 24 - March 31, 1973

6 Episodes

Story 67

Written by: Malcolm Hulke

Directed by: Paul Beranrd


Materializing aboard an Earth spaceship in the year 2540, the Doctor and Jo are only beginning to explore when the ship is attacked. The ships' crew are clearly under some sort of influence, as when they look at Jo and the Doctor, they see them as Draconians, an alien race whose empire is currently in heightened tensions with Earth following a war. The attackers board the ship, and the Doctor and Jo discover that they are Ogrons, brutish thugs for hire they've encountered before. However, like their perception of the Doctor and Jo, the human crew see them as Draconians.

The Ogrons steal the ship's cargo, including the TARDIS, and leave. The ship is rescued by another Earth ship, and the authorities on board imprison Jo and the Doctor for transport back to Earth under suspicion of spying for the Draconians. Though the Doctor tries to convince Earth's president and her advisor General Williams that the situation is being manipulated to push Earth and Draconia into war, his pleas are not believed, and he is sentenced to imprisonment on the Lunar Penal Colony. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

"Carnival of Monsters"

Aired Jan. 27 - Feb. 17, 1973

4 Episodes

Story 66

Written by: Robert Holmes

Directed by: Barry Letts


The TARDIS materializes in the hold of a cargo ship called the SS Bernice, apparently crossing the Indian Ocean in 1926. They soon discover that the ship and all its passengers aren't on Earth, but rather have been abducted, miniaturized and put inside a Miniscope, a high-tech peepshow collection of life-forms. This Miniscope is owned by down-at-the-heels entertainers Vorg and Shirna, who have arrived on the planet Inter Minor in the hopes of setting up a profitable show for the xenophobic inhabitants.

Managing to escape the section of the Miniscope that houses the Bernice, the Doctor and Jo wander through the innards of the device from one exhibit to another, encountering along the way, the fiercely ravenous beasts known as Drashigs. Along the way, the Doctor tells Jo about the history of the Miniscopes, and how he was instrumental in persuading the Time Lords to ban the devices and round them up, though this one must have been missed.

Meanwhile, on Inter Minor, three bureaucrats plot to overthrow the planet's ruler, conspiring to sabotage the Miniscope, releasing the life-forms inside to wreak havoc. In the ensuing chaos, they will push for a change in leadership.

However, the Doctor manages to escape the scope and return to full size. Confronting Vorg and Shirna, he tries to rescue Jo from inside before the machine breaks down completely thanks to the machinations of the Inter Minorians.

The Doctor links the scope to the TARDIS in the hope of returning all the exhibits to their home planets and eras, but the Drashigs do mange to escape and begin wreaking havoc. Vorg uses a Minorian weapon to kill the rampaging beasts, and the Doctor's efforts prove successful. Jo materializes outside the scope, and she and the Doctor leave in the TARDIS.