Monday, October 12, 2015

"The Android Invasion"

Aired Nov 22 - Dec 13, 1975

4 Episodes

Story 83

Written by: Terry Nation

Directed by: Barry Letts


The Doctor and Sarah arrive in what they initially believe is the quiet English village of Devesham, located near Britain's Space Defence Station. Encountering many strange sights, including villagers seemingly entranced, they soon uncover that the village is in fact a replica built on the planet Oseidon. An alien race known as the Kraals, led by the scientist Styggron, have built a copy of both village and station and populated them with android replicas in order to prepare for their invasion of Earth. The Doctor and Sarah meet sinister versions of UNIT friends such as Harry Sullivan and Benton, while attempting to uncover Styggron's full plan.

Aiding the Kraals is an Earth astronaut named Guy Crayford, thought lost by Earth years ago during a space mission. Styggron has duped the man into helping them, after supposedly finding his damaged space craft and repairing Crayford's injured body. The Doctor and Sarah eventually manage to return to Earth in Crayford's rocket, as his miraculous return is part of the invasion plans.The rocket also contains a deadly virus that Styggron will release on Earth to weaken the population ahead of a full invasion. A convenient meteor shower is also part of the plan, as the meteors contain android duplicates that will take over the Station.

Though the Doctor and Sarah's warnings fall on deaf ears due to the joy at Crayford's return, they do manage to use the Station's radio transmitters to jam the control signals of the androids and eventually succeed in preventing Styggron from releasing the virus. Styggron himself is killed after he is confronted by Crayford, who has discovered his only an android himself, and the alien scientist is felled by his own virus.

Friday, October 2, 2015

"Pyramids of Mars"

Aired Oct 25 - Nov 15, 1975

4 Episodes

Story 82

Written by: Stephen Harris

Directed by: Paddy Russell


Materializing inside an old English priory in the year 1911, the Doctor and Sarah find themselves becoming embroiled in sinister goings on when the priory's owner, Egyptologist Marcus Scarman, returns from an expedition in Egypt possessed by an malevolent being known as Sutekh. Sutekh is the last survivor of a race of god-like beings known as the Osirans. Imprisoned ages ago inside a pyramid on Earth by his brother Horus, Sutekh is held motionless by a signal transmitted from a pyramid on Mars. Scarman's excavation of his tomb has allowed his mental energies to kill Scarman and reanimate his corpse, as well as power robots that resemble Egyptian mummies. Using these servants and his tremendous mental powers, Sutekh hopes to engineer his escape by constructing a missile at the priory that will destroy the Martian pyramid and release him to ravage the cosmos.

Working with Scarman's brother Laurence, the Doctor and Sarah Jane eventually succeed in destroying Sutekh's missile. Sadly, the possessed Marcus kills his brother, and maters turn for the worst when the Doctor and Sarah are captured. Confronting Sutekh in his prison, the Doctor falls under the Osiran's control and is forced to transport Scarman to Mars in the TARDIS. Once there, the Doctor manages to free himself from Sutekh's control and he and Sarah attempt to stop Scarman from cutting off the signal and freeing Sutekh. But Scarman succeeds, and then is allowed to die. The Doctor realizes that the signal will take mere minutes to travel through space to Earth and release Sutekh, so he and Sarah race into the TARDIS, take it back to Earth and use the time control from the TARDIS to sabotage Sutekh's space/time tunnel transporter, so that as the Osiran is travelling through the tunnel, he is flung into the far future, unable to reach the tunnel's end before the end of his own lifetime. With Sutekh dead, the Doctor and Sarah leave as the priory is consumed by flames.